A Smart Name Can Make All the Difference

Get Smart

Whether you need to make your phone ring, generate walk-in business, or drive traffic to your website, a Smart Name Domain is key.

It’s important to choose the best domain name so that people can find your business online before they find one of your competitors.  And because domain names are unique – there aren’t two TopekaLawnCare.com domain names, controlling the one that is “logical”, “memorable”, and of course “professional” is a way to insure you get more than your fair share of the business.

If your domain name is the envy of your competitors, then you know you made a wise choice.






So what makes a Smart Name?

When it comes to the Internet, your overall goal is for customers to easily find you and your information, and in a way that is compelling enough for them to decide to do business with you.  A smart name is a big part of making sure that this happens.  

Here are a few possible features of a Smart Name

It’s Logical

If you are in the lawn care business, having the words lawn care in your domain name is important.

Easy to Remember

A name that rolls off the tongue and makes sense is much easier to remember than one that might only be meaningful to the owner.

Geographic Significance

If you service a general geographic area, using that area as an identifier can make your site easy to find, since many prospects will include their own city or area name in their search criteria.  


Bottom Line is . . .

We’ve got some pretty amazing domain names that can make your business more profitable.